Drone in the sky


Advancing the Drone Era with Powerful Connectivity.

When you’re developing the drone technologies of the future, maintaining connectivity between the drone and its control center throughout the entire duration of its route is critical.

Construction, farming, weather, concert and sporting events, fire monitoring services, insurance companies, and police departments use drones as a fast, safe and economical alternative to keep an eye on current happenings when it’s too difficult or dangerous for humans to do the same. And these use cases are only scratching the surface of possibilities.

The network is a crucial tool to complete your vision.

You can’t design one-of-a-kind solutions without knowing everything that’s now possible with high-, mid- and low-band networks, especially given what 5G can bring.

Build device-agnostic IoT Solutions according to your use case, go-to-market speed, and affordability.

Sync your sensors and devices across almost all distances and topographies.

Identify the right connectivity for your sensors.

Accelerate business needs like near real-time monitoring, detection, and alerts.

Realize greater cost savings with out-of-the-box usability.

T-Mobile is leading the way with a network built to support IoT today and into the future.

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