T-Mobile Control Center

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T‑Mobile Control Center

Accelerate IoT growth with T‑Mobile Control Center.

Our customizable platform features SIM ordering and lifecycle management, activation services, the ability to monitor devices and device usage, and apply cost controls.

T-Mobile IoT Starter Kit.

Speed to Market, Flexibility, and Scale

Go-to-Market quickly with our streamlined onboarding process.

Take advantage of our integrated portal, backend self-serve tools, and our accelerated launch plan, to easily configure rate plans, order devices, quickly integrate APIs, and create communication plans.

Scale rapidly to generate and grow IoT revenue globally.

Our IoT Connectivity Management platform delivers the powerful capabilities to simply deliver the visibility and control you and your customers need to launch, scale, and manage IoT deployments of any size.

T-Mobile Control Center offers unprecedented flexibility. 

Our robust platform can accommodate massive to critical IoT applications across various vertical use cases.  Customers can choose from multiple network service types and devices and use various billing models such as recurring, prepaid, individual, pooled, location, or time-based.

Customers can also determine how and when devices are provisioned within the device lifecycle and can take advantage of our turnkey eSIM service that eliminates costly SIM portability delays.

Improved Total Cost of Ownership and increase operational efficiency.

Reduce costs and prevent overages with real-time usage monitoring, diagnostics, and self-support features that automate connectivity management and troubleshooting and reduce manual processes.

Leverage automation rules and intuitive UI to manage service lifecycle, detect and stop rogue activity using customizable views per user, and live updates.

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T-Mobile Control Center

Every IoT business is looking to fast-track innovation, scale quickly and control costs while adapting to constant change, but the odds seem stacked against them.

Real-world IoT solutions that deliver real business value.

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Smart cities.

Whether it’s smart street lighting or complex public safety systems or anything in between, we have a platform and network optimized for IoT.

Home security system

Home security and automation.

Create robust solutions for homes of the future; connecting devices,  sensors, controllers, security cameras, and almost any type of device for making a home a better and safer place to live. 

Freight trucks

Fleet management.

Your customers can manage, locate, and monitor their vehicle fleets on our nationwide network.

Asset tracking.

Monitoring and tracking assets have never been simpler with our Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) network and integrated Control Center platform.

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