Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless.

Take advantage of T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G wireless broadband solutions.  If your customers need primary direct internet access or wireless failover solutions for their business, we have a simple and turnkey solution. 

Wireless internet access when and where you need it.

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Wireless internet failover.

When your wireline network goes down, keep your customers connected with wireless failover. 

  • Wireless coverage that blankets your customers.
  • Built-in redundancy and reliability.
  • Cost-effective plans.
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Primary internet access.

Get wireless internet access wherever you need it.

  • Fast deployments to new construction.
  • Geographically distributed network for low latency.
  • Flexible plans that support pooled and high usage, throttling, speed tiers, and data blocking.

T-Mobile’s Fixed Wireless Platform Capabilities.

Subscriber management.

Robust and customizable subscriber and account management tools that include the ability to create, manage, and change basic plan types and feature details, monitor usage, and set usage events and notifications.

Data usage controls and thresholds.

Create customized data buckets, usage limits, and tiered data thresholds for more effective device and usage management.

Subscriber support tools.

Quickly manage and troubleshoot device issues and errors with advanced device look-up and reset network reset capabilities.

Business insight tools.

Help increase profitability by using our standard and custom reports and dashboards to monitor and manage your business.

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T-Mobile Fixed Wireless.

Get wireless internet access when & where you need it.

Not available in some areas. Subject to availability

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