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Aspiring to Improve Health and Wellbeing for All.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is revolutionizing the healthcare delivery model faster than anyone thought possible. Today’s healthcare providers are leveraging IoMT devices in ambulances, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and patient homes to achieve a true continuum of connected care that improves patient outcomes and optimizes healthcare treatments.

Improved connectivity helps save lives.

You’re innovating for better healthcare away from doctors’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health facilities, but there’s a catch: what about the network? You can’t afford to invest in that development only to have its evolution stifled by lack of connectivity.  The future of virtual health is here.

Delivering medical care, monitoring health, and providing medication management any time of day, from anywhere to everywhere, is made possible with T-Mobile’s network.

  • Low-band for coverage reach
  • Mid-band for coverage and capacity depth
  • High-band to enable low-latency and real-time application requirements
  • Massive Broadband
  • Massive machine communication
  • Critical communication

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A T-Mobile partnership brings innovative technology, development, and smart sensor deployment into focus, while helping you navigate other issues like supply chain, OEM relationships, and more.

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Sync your sensors and devices across almost all distances and topographies.

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Identify the right connectivity for your sensors.

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Accelerate business needs like near real-time monitoring, detection, and alerts.

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Realize greater cost savings with out-of-the-box usability.

T-Mobile is leading the way with a network built to support IoT today and into the future.

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