IoT Sensors and Monitoring

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Transform Businesses with Smarter, Better-Connected Sensors.

Without “things” – or sensors – collecting data from the environment, there is no IoT. Using intelligent sensors to monitor equipment, inventory, and property 24/7 enables your customers to respond thoughtfully instead of reacting hastily.

Sensors without connectivity are a missed opportunity. 

You’re developing the intelligent sensors of the future, and your customers need them to capture information critical to business operations, but there’s a catch. Getting that data into the cloud for processing and sending relevant notifications requires a powerful network capable of keeping everything connected.

From motion detection and temperature monitoring to real-time feedback and air quality control – T-Mobile has the connectivity to power sensors in a variety of use cases.

  • Low-band for coverage reach
  • Mid-band for coverage and capacity depth
  • High-band to enable low-latency and real-time application requirements
  • Massive Broadband
  • Massive machine communication
  • Critical communication

Graph that shows what 4G vs. 5G covers

A T-Mobile partnership brings innovative technology, development, and smart sensor deployment into focus, while helping you navigate other issues like supply chain, OEM relationships, and more.

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Sync your sensors and devices across almost all distances and topographies.

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Identify the right connectivity for your sensors.

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Accelerate business needs like near real-time monitoring, detection, and alerts.

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Realize greater cost savings with out-of-the-box usability.

T-Mobile is leading the way with a network built to support IoT today and into the future.

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