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Device Certification Details

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Get your NB-IoT, 4G LTE, and 5G devices certified.

  • Validate the device is using one of T-Mobile's approved modules/chipsets. 
  • Verify FCC certification of the device.
  • Receive PTCRB certification for the device.
  • Receive T-Mobile certification (TA) for the device.
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Device resources.

  • PTCRB labs-
  • T-Mobile approved third party labs:
    • Aircom Labs
    • Intertek
    • Tech Mahindra
  • T-Mobile approved SIM Suppliers include Gemalto, G+D, Idemia, and Ice Mobility.

Questions about Devices?

T-Mobile device certification is a network certification and validation process carried out on cellular devices to ensure the devices are compatible with the T-Mobile network and are functioning as per the standards providing optimum performance. The device OEMs/ODMs must obtain T-Mobile device certification for their devices that are intended to be deployed on the T-Mobile network.
The list of T-Mobile certified devices is available here.
Choose the right chipset or module for your devices. The list of T-Mobile certified chipsets and modules are available here.
T-Mobile certification for your devices is mandatory if you plan to deploy your devices on the T-Mobile network. The goal of the T-Mobile device certification process is to ensure your devices:
  • Do not harm the T-Mobile network.
  • Do not harm T-Mobile users.
  • Provide acceptable performance.
  • Meet regulatory compliance.
  • Meet T-Mobile Device Management and LwM2M requirements.
Updates to device hardware or firmware/application software must be communicated to T-Mobile. Updated hardware or firmware/software must be approved by T-Mobile.
PTCRB stands for PCS Type Certification Review Board. It's a certification program established by leading wireless operators to define test specifications and processes to ensure device interoperability on global wireless networks. With PTCRB certification, operators and device manufacturers are confident of a device's interoperability with member mobile networks. PTCRB testing and certification is executed by PTCRB labs. For more information visit

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