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T-Mobile is America’s 5G leader. Leader in coverage. Leader in Speed. Leader in Reliability.

Capable device required; coverage not available in some areas. Some uses may require certain plan or feature; see Most Reliable: Most reliable 5G according to independent third party umlaut from crowdsourced user experience data (Sept 2020 to Feb 2021). Fastest: Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data 5G median download speeds for Q1 2021. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.

Our nationwide 5G network covers more people and places than anyone else.

Broader coverage.

We’ve expanded our nationwide 5G network to now cover over 90% of Americans. And in just a few years, we’ll provide 5G to 99% of Americans.

Faster speeds.

Our 5G is 3x faster than our 4G LTE today. And at a record pace, we’re rolling out high-performance Ultra Capacity 5G speeds that are as fast as Wi-Fi. 

Greater signal strength.

No 5G signal goes farther or is better for coverage indoors and out. That means a stronger connection both in dense cities and in rural areas.

Experience nationwide 5G.

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While 5G grows, you can count on our 4G LTE coverage to keep you and your customers connected.

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T-Mobile and Sprint are joining to supercharge your business.

Massive capacity.

Over the next six years, our capacity will increase 14x over what we have today to cover more businesses across the country.

15x faster.

Our network will be 8x faster than current LTE in just a few years, and 15x faster in the next six years.

99% with 5G.

We already have the largest 5G network, and within a few years, we’ll provide 5G to 99% of Americans.

Capable device required; coverage not available in some areas. No 5G signal is more reliable than 600MHz. Some uses may require certain plan or feature. 

T- Mobile built the first nationwide 5G network.

See how our engineers are building the first and only nationwide 5G network with 600 MHz at its foundation.

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What will 5G mean for you?

5G technology is designed to meet today's growing data demands while also expanding the scope of mobile technology beyond the capabilities that exist today.

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The first nationwide Narrowband IoT network designed for IoT devices.

Our NB-IoT network operates on a dedicated guard band of existing networks that provide security, efficiency, and performance.

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Coverage not available in some areas

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